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NVSSA represents members' interests by presenting a united front on legislative issues impacting Nevada's self storage industry.  Our legislative advocacy on behalf of our members has resulted in a number of accomplishments in the Nevada legislature.  Listed are some examples of past successes due in no small part to the support that NVSSA has received from the industry and its partners...  

2011 Legislative session

SB-150 (Effective 01-October-2011)

  1. If a motor vehicle, boat or personal watercraft in which rent and other charges remain unpaid or unsatisfied for 60 days, facility owner or manager may have the property towed by any tow car operator subject to the jurisdiction of the Nevada Transportation Authority.  If a motor vehicle, boat or personal watercraft is towed pursuant to this paragraph, the owner is not liable for any damages to such property once the tow car operator takes possession of the motor vehicle, boat or personal watercraft.  This eliminates the involved procedures in dealing with the Department of Motor Vehicles which can create civil liabilities if not followed exactly.
  2. SB 150 clarifies the procedures and responsibilities relative to protective property (identity theft) when those items are contained in a unit that is going to auction.
  3. SB 150 allows the use of “Verified Mail” which means any method of mailing offered by the United States Postal Service that provides evidence of mailing.  This eliminates “Certified Mail” as being the only method, and amounts to quite a savings in doing business.
  4. SB 150 clarifies that if a rental agreement contains a limit on the value of property stored in the space of the occupant, the limit is presumed to the maximum value of the property stored in the storage space.
  5. SB 150 allows the use of “Electronic Mail” which means an electronic message, executable program or computer file which contains an image of a message that is transmitted between two or more computers or electronic terminals, or with or between computer networks and from which a confirmation of receipt is received. 
  6. SB 150 requires an occupant who opposes the sale of their property understand any action concerning the validity of the lien must be commenced not later than 21 days after the date on which the owner receives the declaration in opposition to the sale as required pursuant to NRS 108-477.  This not only sets a time limit for the occupant to proceed with the action, but also requires the occupant to commence the court action.  Now it is up to the occupant to select the “court of competent jurisdiction” to file the action, and allow the owner to respond to that action.  This now prevents an occupant from just giving notice of opposition to a sale and letting it “hang out there” to delay any sale or pay rent and requiring the owner to find an attorney and a court to handle this action at substantial cost and time.

NVSSA would like to thank our 2018 Legislative Action Sponsors from the Self Storage Industry.  Their support is vital in achieving our goals!  

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2013 legislative session

AB 182 (Effective 01-October-2013)

  1. Late fees: Owner may impose a late fee that is the greater of $20 or 20 percent of the monthly rent.  The amount of the late fee and when it will be imposed must be stated in the rental agreement.
  2. Denial of access:  Allows the owner to deny access to the storage space when the rent is 10 days past due. 
  3. Email lien notices:  Owner may send lien notices by verified mail or email.  If notice is given by email, owner must receive confirmation of receipt or another notice must be mailed to the occupant.  Under current law a notice must be mailed and sent by email if the tenant has provided an email address.
  4. The removal of NRS 40.760 from NRS 108.475 of the Self Storage State Statutes.  It has always been unlawful to use a storage space at a facility as a residence.  However, to remove an occupant who is using the storage space for a residence, it was required to go through the procedure of NRS 40.760.  This was close to what is required to remove someone who is unlawfully occupying an apartment with an eviction order issued by a justice of the peace. 
  5. With this removal of NRS 40.760, facility owners can now make use of NRS 207-200, which is statewide and deals with trespass of an occupant on facility property.  Las Vegas Metropolitan Police encourages participation in their trespassing program.  This success of this program in Clark County has the potential to be a blue print for statewide implementation.

As much as NVSSA has accomplished during two legislative sessions on behalf of its members, we are not done advocating on behalf our members. 

2019 Legislative Goals:

  •  The approval of Self Storage Managers to sell tenant insurance to occupants onsite
  • Have the option to use online advertising for auctions in addition to advertising in newspapers

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