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shelby beck - vice president

Shelby Beck is the General Manager of Extra Self-Storage, and oversees the operations of 10 self-storage facilities in the Northern California & Northern Nevada regions.  Her career began in 2002 as a relief manager and in 2010, promoted to General Manager.  The past four years has offered Shelby the opportunity to fine tune her skills at every level of the business, from financials to human resources.  She is a well-respected leader in her community.

in 2010, Shelby graduated from Chico State University with a BA in Child Development.  Using her education as a springboard, Shelby has become fearless in applying her knowledge.  Her position as General Manager not only offers her the opportunity to lead the company in unlimited growth, but she is an expert in developing her managers, who are eager to grow with an expanding business.  

When Shelby is not managing the self-storage business, you will find her running marathons and raising money for non-profits in her community.  She is the proud mother of two children and believes in living life to the fullest.  

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